COLLECTIVE QUESTION (CQ) is a working group comprised of Julie Niemi, Steven Chodoriwsky, and Christopher Lee. Collective Question creates projects that respond to themes and questions of radicalism and oppression within systems of power, in this current case, the university. CQ’s current research looks at Tolstoy College at the University at Buffalo (1969–1985) as a case study and the syllabus as a utopian document of subversion. 

We are invested in the spirit of studying together, of showing process, and inviting others along. We work by building, publishing, and talking with and through host/partner institutions. 

—Summer Programs at University at Buffalo SUNY
August 2020, 2021
—Exhibition at University at Buffalo Art Galleries
Buffalo, NY
Fall 2021

Centre Pompidou’s Kandinsky Library Summer
Paris, France

July 2018

Collective Question in Loosely Assembled
SBC Gallery of Contemporary Art
Montreal, QB
February 15–April 15, 2019

Residency at Wendy’s Subway 
New York City
August 2019